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Out.of the Dark Welwyn Wilton Katz; School & Library Binding
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Advanced R/C Boat Modeling John Finch; Paperback.
"To be competitive, a model power boat must be trimmed for all-out racing in both calm and rough water..."
All Sail Set : A Romance of the Flying Cloud Vol35
American Clipper Ships, 1833-1858 : Adelaide-Lotus Vol 1
American Clipper Ships, 1833-1858 2 : Malay-Young Mechanic Vol
American Merchant Ships, 1850-1900 Vol 2
American Merchant Ships on the Yangtze, 1920-1941
American Sailing Ships : Their Plans and History
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Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War, 1600-1815
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The Advent of Steam : The Merchant Steamship Before 1900 (Conway's Historyof the Ship)
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The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856 : Characteristics, Construction and Details

The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships
The Ancient Mariners : Seafarers and Sea Fighters of the Mediterranean in Ancient Times
Lionel Casson (Author) "IN THE VERY beginning men went down, not to the sea but to quiet waters, and not in ships but in anything that would float:..."
Basics of Radio Control Boat Modeling
Behavior and Handling of Ships
Boat building: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction
Howard Irving Chapelle (Author) "THE obvious first step in building a boat is, of course, to obtain plans..."
Boat Building in Wood : From Lofting to Launching
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Boats With an Open Mind : 75 Unconventional Designs and Concepts From the Publisher . ". . .entertains, informs, and makes you think about boats. in ways you probably thought weren't possible-Boats with. an Open Mind is wonderful, its author. priceless.__WoodenBoat
Bomb Vessel Granado 1742 (Anatomy of the Ship) If you're a naval history buff, a modeler, or a lover of. ships in general, this book should definitely be on your. 'must-own' list.
Building the Crosby Catboat (August 1989) Mystic Seaport Museum Pubns.
Building the Nutshell Pram (February 1988) Wooden Boat Pub;
The Bomb Vessel : Shore Bombardment Ships of the Age of Sail (Conway's ShipTypes) (March 1995) United States Naval Inst.
The Book of Old Ships : From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper Ships (Dover PictorialArchive) Noted maritime artist Gordon Grant has created 80. magnificent line illustrations of some of history's most. important sailing ships, beginning with a graceful Egyptian. galley (c. 1600 B.C.) and ending with a splendid. five-masted clipper ship of 1921. In between the reader will. find a Roman trireme, a Viking longship, a 16th-century. caravel, an East Indiaman of 1750, a New Bedford whaling. bark, and dozens of lesser-known vessels.
The Book of Wooden Boats
Benjamin Mendlowitz (Photographer) "The sailing craft shown in this chapter are the cruisers and racers under 40' and craft, such as Cape Cod catboats, with traditional workboat ancestry..."
The.Built-Up Ship Model Charles G. Davis; Paperback. A classic in its field, THE BUILT-UP SHIP MODEL is an. expert guide aimed at model builders with experience,. patience, and a passion for building "the real thing".. Photographs illustrate day-to-day work in progress. Over. 100 drawings demonstrate correct implementation of the. more complex instructions. In his introduction, the author. chronicles the exciting career of the LEXINGTON and the. role it played in America's fight for freedom.
Canvas work & Sail Repair .(International Marine Sailboat Library) Don Casey;Hardcover This addition to the International Marine Sailboat Library. explains step by step, picture by picture how to measure. for, construct, modify, maintain, renew, and repair such. canvas items as biminis, sail covers, sail bags, cushions,. and more, both above deck and below. It also shows how. to repair damaged sails, all of which is possible on an. ordinary home sewing machine. Given that a new sail. cover can easily cost $500 and a new sail $2,000, this. information has decided appeal.
Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks
Clinker BoatbuildingClinker Boatbuilding describes clinker and cold-molded. construction methods for sail-, row- or powerboats up to. 20 feet in length. The contents cover every stage in the. process: preparation, tools, materials, plans, keel structure,. planking, frames, centerboards, decks and finishing off the. hull, masts and oars.
CSS Alabama : Builder, Captain, and Plans Univ. of Alabama Press
Dockmanship (Cornell Boaters Library)
The Design and Construction of British Warships 1939-1945 2: The Official Records: Submarines, Escorts and Coastal Forces (Vol Ii) (2nd of A 3 Vol set Vol
The Design and Construction of British Warships, 1939-1945 : The Official Records: Major Surface Warships (Set) Vol 1
32-Gun Frigate Essex (Anatomy of the Ship) by Portia Takakjian
Egyptian Boats
Empress of Britain : Canadian Pacific's Greatest Ship
The Earliest Ships : The Evolution of Boats into Ships (Conway's History of the Ship)>
The Evolution of the Sailing Ship, 1250-1580 (Keynote Studies from the Mariner's Mirror)
A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter (Studies in Maritime History Series)
Famous.Ships : A Quick History of Ships With 8 Authentic Models to Make and Display Leon Baxter; Paperback ; Filled with nautical terms and au thentic models that young. readers can learn about and then create their own replicas of. famous ships . A history of ships from ancient Chinese junks to modern. nuclear submarines with models to cut out and assemble.
Fishing Boat Designs, 4 : Small Steel Fishing Boats (Fao Fisheries Technical PaperNo 239/F2660)
Forty Wooden Boats : A Third Catalog of Building Plans
From a Bare Hull : How to Build a Sailboat A complete step-by-step guide covering every aspect of. fiberglass boatbuilding - woodworking, electrical,. plumbing and hardware installation - with hundreds of tips. on how to save time and money during construction as well. as purchase.
From Monitor to Missile Boat : Coast Defence Ships and Coastal Defence Since1860
The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual "The definitive book on cosmetic repairs, as well as major. structural repairs to hulls and decks, delamination,. refinishing, blistering, etc."__Boatbuilding | "The aroma of. resin wafting out of this manual is refreshing. This book. will save you money and grief before you can say woven. roving."
The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships
Great American Ships : A National Trust Guide (Great American Places Series) The publisher, John Wiley & Sons . A guide to more than 225 ships across the country that are. part of our national maritime heritage. Arranged by region. from East to West, the book tells how to find these. landmarks and provides key historical and maritime. information, including each vessel's vital statistics.
Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners from 1954 to 1986 : A Photographic Survey;William H., Jr. Miller; Paperback.> In this sumptuous pictorial record, noted maritime historian. William Miller recalls the last great years of transatlantic. travel and the rise of a new breed of ocean liner--the. luxuriously appointed cruise ship. 170+ photos provide. detailed views of vessels distinguished by their decor,. speed, and comfort. .
Great Passenger Ships of the World Today
A Historical Dictionary of the U.S. Merchant Marine and Shipping Industry: "This work gives exhaustive yet concise treatment of nearly. everything related to the U.S. Merchant Marine and. shipping since the introduction of steam in 1807.
Handmade Houseboats : Independent Living Afloat „Every[one's] Huckleberry Finnian dream: a house on a. scow or raft; the hows and wheres, with plans and. technical details."__WoodenBoat | "If you want to give the. idea [of a houseboat] a serious think for a relatively modest. cost, Handmade Houseboats is the best way I know to get. there."__Sail | "Clearly written, easy to understand, and. very nicely illustrated. . .For anyone attempting to build a. floating home, this book would be of immense. help."
Historic Ship Models
How to Build a Wooden Boat Wooden Boat Pub.
How to Build the Gloucester Light Dory : A Classic in Plywood A shop manual on building an exceptional rowing dory.. Designed by Philip C. Bolger, the 15'6' Gloucester Light. Dory is fast, seaworthy, and a delight to row. It features. simple plywood construction.
How to Build the Haven 12 1/2-Footer Each step in this unique process is carefully explained and. illustrated, which with detailed construction plans, provides. a thorough guide for advanced amateurs. No lofting is. required.
How to Make a Clipper Ship Model/Book and Blueprints for Model Ship (Ship ModelMaking, Vol 2)
Hydrodynamic Propulsion and Its Optimization : Analytic Theory (Fluid Mechanics and Its Appliations, Vol 27)
The Heyday of Sail : The Merchant Sailing Ship 1650-1830 (Conway's Historyof the Ship Series.)
Iron Fleet : The Great Lakes in World War II (Great Lakes Books)
John A. Noble : The Rowboat Drawings South st Seaport. Museum;
Lines, Lofting and Half Models (Boatbuilding Series)
Looking for a Ship More than two months on the New York Times bestseller. list, Looking for a Ship is a fascinating of the last American. merchant ships. Through the details of a South Pacific. journey and the tales of disaster, greed, courage, and. stupidity that are told along the way emerge the history and. character of an extraordinary calling.
The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder : A Step-By-Step Guide for the Backyard Builder From the Publisher . "Hub Miller's drawings are encyclopedic. Every significant. stick, fastening, shadow, and process is revealed with. clean, expressive line in black on white."__WoodenBoat
Marine Painting Manual
Marinship at War : Shipbuilding and Social Change in Wartime Sausalito
McKnew/Parker Consumer's Guide to Motor Yachts & Trawlers
Medieva lShips and Shipping (The Archaeology of Medieval Britain)
Medieval Ships and Shipping
Merchant Ship Construction
Metal Boats/a Practical Guide for Building or Buying Small Steel and AluminumCraft
Model Boats from the Tomb of Tut'Ankhamun )(Tut'Ankhamun's Tomb Series, Vol 9
Model Ships from Scratch
Modern Commercial Sailing Ship Fundamentals
Modern Cruise Ships, 1965-1990 : A Photographic Record (Dover Books on Transportation,Maritime) The cruise industry has expanded in recent decades, and. now scores of luxurious cruise ships are sailing the world's. oceans and seas. The greatest of the modern cruise ships. are superbly documented in this comprehensive. text-and-photo tribute. Ocean liner enthusiasts and armchair. travelers alike will enjoy comparing the design and many. special features of over 100 ships. 184 illustrations.
More Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum
Motor Ship Directory of Shipowners and Shipbuilding, 1993
The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding : From Lofting to Launching Reuel B. Parker / Paperback / Published 1998
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ocean Liners 1860-1994 : 417 Photographs
Picture History of the Cunard Line, 1840-1990 Two noted authorities on ocean liners have assembled a. memorable pictorial tribute to the Cunard Line. An. extensive text, fact-filled captions, and scores of dramatic. photos and illustrations depict and describe an eye-filling. convoy of Cunard ships that made maritime history,. including the Campania and Lucania, the Mauretania, the. ill-fated Lusitania, the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth. and Queen Elizabeth 2.
Picture History of the Normandies : With 190 Illustration
Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders by Donald Dressel

Principles of Yacht Design ". . .essential in understaning the new era in yacht. design."__WoodenBoat | "Whereas Skene's remains a. great primer on design basics-Prinicples of Yacht Design. goes far beyond-this one is bound to become a. classic."__Cruising World | ". . .[In] sailboat design,. Principles is more detailed and up-to-date than Skene's and. a copy belongs in the collection af any aspiring. designer."__Soundings
The Period Ship Handbook
The Period Ship Handbook 2 Vol 2
  Radio.Control Models (Hobby Guides) Michael E. Goodman; Library Binding.. Reading level: Ages 9-12
Railway Steamships of Ontario
The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720 by R. C. Anderson
Sail & Steam : A Century of Maritime Enterprise : 1840-1935 : Photographs from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The appeal of this stunning collection of photographs from. the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, is. as all-enveloping as the lure of the sea itself.
Sailing Vessels in Authentic Early Nineteenth-Century Illustrations ('Sixty FivePlates of Shipping and Craft')
Sails & Rigging
Ship Construction
Ship Model Building by Gene Johnson
Ship Modeling from Scratch : Tips and Techniques for Building Without Kits by Edwin B. Leaf
Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern by Milton Roth
Ship Models : How to Build Them by Charles G. Davis
Ship Models Their Purpose and Development from 1650 to the Present by Brian Lavery, Simon Stephens (Contributor), National. Maritime Museum
Ships (Facts About) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Traces early maritime history from the Egyptians to Captain. Cook, discusses how sails were developed to use the wind,. describes clipper ships, steamships, ocean liners, working. ships, inland waterways, and canals, and examines safety. at sea and the future of ships.
Ships in Bottles
Ships (Look Inside Cross-Sections) Reading level: Ages 4-8
Ships-In-Bottles : A Step-By-Step Guide to a Venerable Nautical Craft This book is the bible of the ship-in-bottle. community. . Originally published by McGraw-Hill, this second edition. was revised and enlarged to incorporate new features and. techniques. The author is the founder of the. Ships-in-Bottles Association of America, and known. world-wide for his involvement with this traditional. nautical craft. By using this book anyone can create a. bottled ship using a minimum of tools and for very little. cost. A perfect hobby for anyone interested in the sea and. its traditions.
Story of Boats Reading level: Ages 9-12
The.Ship Model Builder's Assistant Charles G. Davis; Paperback. Indispensable for the serious model builder, this book. offers hobbyists a true understanding of the masting,. rigging, and most important fittings of American clipper. ships and packet ships of the Great Age of Sail. It also. represents a treasury of important information for naval and. social historians, sailing enthusiasts and students of. Americana. Includes over 270 clear, detailed drawings of. ships' components.
The Shipcarvers Handbook : How to Design and Execute Traditional Marine Carvings by Jay S. Hanna
The Tall Ships of Today in Photographs
Thirty Classic Boat Designs : The Best of the Good Boats "I may be old fashioned, but I think the trends in current. boat design are best understood through an appreciation of. just how we got here. . .This is required reading for. students of yacht design."
Thirty Wooden Boats Wooden Boat Pub;
U.S.Coast Guard Cutters and Craft : 1946-1990 United States Naval Inst.
U.S.Submarines Since 1945 : An Illustrated Design History United States Naval Inst.
U.S.Submarines Through 1945 : An Illustrated Design History United States Naval Inst.
Understanding Boat Design by Ted Brewer, Edward S. Brewer "One of the cleanest and clearest expositions on the elements. of yacht design ever published.-By a naval architect who. knows what he is talking about."__WoodenBoat | "The clear,. non-technical language, logical development of the subject,. and the scope of the publication make Understanding Boat. Design a success."__Naval Engineers Journal | "This tight. little book should be required reading."__Soundings | "Brewer. provides as good a basic introduction to small craft design as. you could ever hope to find. If more people read this book. before buying a boat, they'd likely make a much better choice. and be a lot happier."__The Ensign
The Viking Ships (Cambridge Introduction to the History of Mankind : TopicBook) Discusses the construction and uses of different types of Viking ships.
The Visual Dictionary of Ships and Sailing (Eyewitness Visual Dictionaries) Hardcover. Reading level: Ages 4-8 This visual dictionary looks at the inner workings of boats, ships, sails and rigging, navigation instruments, signals, ropes, knots, and more.
The Wood and Canvas Canoe : A Complete Guide to Its History, Construction,Restoration, and Maintenance
The Wooden Boat Wooden boats possess a magic that metal and plastic. vessels, although useful, cannot match. With their mellow. richness of finish and unparalleled craftsmanship, these. unique vessels have long inspired passion. The WOODEN. BOAT is an eloquently written and exquisitely. photographed celebration of this hand-crafted beauty, from. the traditional small boat to the elegant speedboat to the. magnificent yacht.
Wooden Boats : From Sculls to Yachts< A beautifully illustrated gift book that celebrates the beauty,. craftsmanship, and mystique of wooden boats. From the. 1939 Thunderbird, the biggest, fastest mahogany speed. boat ever built, to Nova Scotia lobster boats toluxu ry. yachts and rowing boats, Wooden Boats celebrates the full. array of these boats in striking color photographs and. informative text.
Wooden Ship : The Art, History, and Revival of Wooden Boatbuilding, by Peter H. Spectre, David Larkin, Paul Rocheleau A spectacular volume of 200 full-color photographs and. accompanying text tells the story of the shipbuilder's art,. from ancient times to the present. From dugouts and. dinghys to warships and workboats, this book celebrates. the illustrious art, craft, and history of wooden. boatbuilding.