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Fiberglass Radio Controlled Friendship Sloop "Florida"
built/molded by Dave Mainwaring January 5, 1970.

Lobstermen fished for lobsters from Muscongus Bay Sloops and Friendship Sloops before powered lobster boats.

My first Radio Controlled fiberglass 42 inch model Lobster
Boat based on classic Jonesport hull.

Haven't you always wanted to build a model?

Building a 42 inch Lobster Boat
Dave Mainwaring's R/C models
Jonesport Lobster Boats

My models are built on classic lines found on 1930-1940 boats. Unable to locate any existing 1930's boats or photographs of their top sides the deck and cabin on my models are composites from boats at the Maine Maritime Museum and photographs of Jonesport hulled boats seen off the coast of Maine from 1960's to date.

The classic sleek powerful lines originating in Jonesport have been used on all manner of power boats to date.

Now in the 21st century what remains of these fine old lobster boats can be seen in th bone yards on the Maine Coast.

Upon completion of my 42 inch plug. I sent my mold off to George Carney (deceased). George pulled several glass hull for me and provided hulls to model builders here in Massachusetts.

This is one of several 42inch R/C models built by George Carney.
{Following his death my mold was returned to me and hasn't been used.}

The wooden plug is covered with fiberglass, polished and then waxed and waxed and waxed. The waxed plug is coated with PVA (Poly-Vinyl-Alcohol) mold release. Then a layer of resin jel-coat is applied, allowed to cure, followed by layer of resin impregnated fiberglass.

When fiberglass is cured the plug is removed by pulling the bow of the plug from the new female mold.

To manufacture hulls the process is reversed. When the female mold has fully cured it is waxed,coated with PVA, jel-coated and a fiberglass reinforced hull is layed-up in the female mold.

The plug is built plank-on-frame on hull shadows.

One of George Carey's 42 inch glass hulls.

There are many real lobster boats for ideas to use when building from a bare hull.

There are abandoned hulls scattered on the shores. Driving through the area from Corea to Damariscotta, Maine you will sold wooden lobster boats passing away in driveways and fields. I have photographed many of boats riding at anchor so model builders can see some to use a guide.

Having built R/C model hulls in fiberglass for several years my activities turned to building wooden boats. Having read of model builders first making plugs to build plank on rib wooden models I built 32 inch plug for 32 foot Jonesport Lobster Boat. The plug construction is less demanding because the planking is easier.

I also built 17.5 inch plug for 32 foot Jonesport Lobster Boat to enable plank on rib construction.

Jonesport Lobster Boat, Display Model 17.5 in
Plank on Frame, (Poplar wood planking)
Jonesport Lobster Boat,Display Model 17.5 in
Pencil tracings of bulkheads follow.

  • How to Build a Radio Controlled Model Sail Boat. Scratch build a 45inch Star Boat Sailing Model. "Building a wooden sailing model boat model is made simple. Enjoy the pleasure of wooden boat building. Based on the International Star Boat this semi-scale Star45 can be scratch built by novice or seasoned skipper. Easily radio controlled and large enough to see out on the water this is a classic model model built by hobbyists for over thirty years." R/C allows you to trim all sails and control the rudder.

    Click here to get downloadable files for "Downloadable frames for model boat building" Star 45 shadows - frames.

    You can use your browser to download the files.

    Building the Star45 Class R/C sail boat, {builders a journal of notes and pictures}
    Construction photographs and ongoing articles about building a AMYA racing model.

    How to select Your Radio-Controlled Sailing Model By Dave Mainwaring

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